rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

"Blinded by the Light"


Had an appointment at the optometrist today and unexpectedly he dilated my eyes..ugh. I do not like that at all and after 5 hrs still can't see though it's improving. And, my pressures as always were not as low as he wants, but no change in the optical nerve from two years ago so that was good news.

I go back in 6 months. Then I get to have the joy of the vision field test and a 2nd appointment for a regular eye exam. Here's hoping everything remains stable because my glaucoma specialist has moved to Kansas City and choosing a new one will be hard. I really was impressed with Dr. Bray. Maybe impressed enough to drive to KC even.

The kids are all moved in and Erin cooked dinner which was delicious and much appreciated. Anah is at a sleepover and we're about to start the latest season of "Longmire."

Life is good.

Tags: eyes, glaucoma, longmire
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