rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

A Head Full of Ideas

Some days my head is so full of ideas that it's a bit like having a swarm of bees in there. I rather enjoy having the ideas. Some of them become reality.

The knee is sore, but I am mobile, quite grateful for that.

Recording ideas here otherwise, they'll drift away.

For some time I've been considering doing a sort of autobiographical series of posts, complete with pictures, maybe in decades? I really don't have many memories of childhood, a few scattered ones. So, I'm thinking that if I write it down chronologically I might be able to take the tattered pieces and stitch them into a sort of quilt.

Already knitting again and will keep up with that.

Jewelry drifts in and out of the idea stream, usually make some earrings at Christmas.

The creative writing prompts deserve a place on the list. I did enjoy playing with those.

I'm still painting rocks and getting better at it I think...

Enough ideas for now, the list is complete. I rarely make lists these days. I was once a champion list maker and quite productive. It doesn't seem as necessary as it once did, production i.e.

I started a new book and am really quite into it already though I'm only on pg 32. Written by a son about coming back to his small town home from New York to take care of his 90+ yr old mother, the story is true and is set in a small town about 22 miles from here. My 2nd husband grew up there and thus I am familiar with the place in an earlier time frame. The book takes place in 2012, during one of the hottest driest summers we'd had around here in a long while. The book is "Bettyville," authored by George Hodgman.

Already I see myself in Betty, the mother, 20 years down the road.

More on "Bettyville" as I move through the story.

Probably helping Erin move today, basically that means sitting in a chair and providing "moral support", entertainment, and advice.

May Wednesday be kind to us ALL.
Tags: bettyville, books, ideas, moving, reading
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