rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Humpty Dumpty

The Universe sends me messages especially when I need to slow down. About 6 this morning  Ye olde "bad knee" gave way and I ended up on the floor. Whoa now, that did hurt. I grasped knee and just held on for about 20 minutes until the intensity diminished.

Next step, figure out how to get up. Husband still asleep in back of house. Damned dog didn't even come to check on me lol. Attained an uoright position and nanaged my tea abd toast.

Now sore and needing to rest the knee. I'm headed for the tub which looks most inviting this morning. Epsom salts and lavender oil...mmmm

Then I'll wrap the knee, prop it up, and choose a new book to read.

There's a blessing in the pain.

Tags: bathtub, fallingdown
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