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Homecoming and Moving Progress

There were 200 entries in the Homecoming Parade this year, a record no doubt. I suppose this was due to combining it with the Sesquicentennial, and I'm sure that number included each and every person who was walking. It lasted an hour and it was hot and I must say pretty boring. Perhaps it's because it's just a memory and a faint one at that, it seems that when I was involved in the parade the floats were much bigger, more creative. The theme was "There's No Place Like Home" so there were many entries with the Oz theme. Somehow this just didn't jive with Homecoming for me, but hey I'm picky.

I was glad that my daughter's partner got a shot of Anah as she was on the other side of the street and I couldn't see her. I was able to see my great grandson who is also in the band playing sax.

Heck, I don't even know if we won or lost the game. Forgot to ask, my level of interest is thus revealed.

The grandchildren went to the game, the adults went to the alumni celebration where some drunk knocked Tracy down and now she's got a bum shoulder. I went once some years ago, but had no fun at all so haven't been back.

Yesterday, celebrated my great grandson, Josiah's 8th birthday. Amazing to see him, so animated and healthy as he was born at only 26 weeks. He's sure a live wire now. Then went to Erin's and started packing up the kitchen, only 3 days till they are moved in here. I think I'm getting a wee bit nervous about how it's all going to work out. She's already telling me what to do, which I expected, it's how she is. I'm beginning to feel out of place in my own home, but I'm absolutely certain that we'll get through it and it will be good to have them so close. I'm incredibly pleased that she is so happy.

Today Erin and Tracy are moving boxes to the storage facility and bringing clothes out here. I'll be cooking. Going to have to figure out a way to enjoy being in the kitchen again as I've really lost interest in chef duties.

I'm thinking that about the time we get a good flow going, their house will be finished and it will be time for them to move. It's bound to be interesting.

Picked quite a few tomatoes today and will be frying up some okra to go with the bbq'd chicken. The peppers are loaded and if we have a late frost should have more of those. I've been using the Anaheims by stuffing them with cheeses, wrapping in bacon and grilling or baking them. Oh my they are delicious.

Tomorrow, the hot weather is due to move on and I look forward to open windows and fresh air.

Almost finished with the Magdalen Nabb book. I'v enjoyed her writing so will be reading more of her books. Getting close to the toe on the sock I'm knitting. When all this moving business is over and the house is set to rights again, hopefully I'll get back to some real art, would like to add some pages to my art journal.

Nothing more in my head so I'm off for now. May your Sunday be peaceful.
Tags: cooking, gardening, josiah birthday, moving
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