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No Pain, no gain?

Started this entry yesterday, but got so frustrated at trying to type on the online version of LJ on my tablet that I just gave up. I was just too tired and in pain to get up and get the laptop. The LJ app has not allowed me to access my journal for the last couple of weeks. I've sent tons of feedback, uninstalled, reinstalled.. blah blah, but so far no change.

Thus yesterday is today's subject. I performed domestic goddess duties till about noon. Said performance included concocting a black bean, tomato, and corn salsa that became my lunch, delicious.

All the houseplants have now been moved into the house, repotted some. Unfortunately while I was out there doing all that I strayed into the herb garden and pulled some weeds and by evening could barely walk without screaming pain. So it goes, I manage pretty well for a while and then do something without thinking and am sidelined again. At least it doesn't hurt when I sit so I can knit, finishing a sock for a friend's birthday.

About midway through "The Left Hand of Darkness." It seems to be going nowhere with very shallow character development. I'd put it down, but I keep thinking something will happen soon.

Creativity is at a low ebb right now, well unless knitting is creative which I never feel as if it is, all I'm doing is following a patter after all. Do have some ideas for Halloween, as we are going to a party and I think I'll read Tarot there so I need a nice little table and booth to sit in.

The appraisal on Erin's house came through yesterday and all is good on that front. Saturday is the big garage sale to try to move on unneeded stuff. Closing on the 30th, then we'll all be living together again. Will be interesting to see what comes up during that time. Last time they lived here Anah was 5, now she's 13, big change. I'm sure we'll get through it, but there may be some friction. BIG hopes that Erin's cats will adjust to staying with my oldest daughter who has said she will take them in. We have a big dog plus 3 cats already and I am just not up to trying to integrate her cats into that situation. Besides I just got new furniture and carpet.

Planted spinach for winter and were blessed by a nice rain so it should sprout soon. Picked green beans for the first time off the last planting, probably need to check that today if I can hobble out there.

Feeling rather whiny, get so tired of this pain in my hips and back as there is much to be done and it's really hard some days. And, to top it off, I had a huge Panic Attack yesterday. I think I could manage better with either pain or anxiety but when I get with both, I tend to lose hope. Well enough of that whining and complaining isn't going to get me anywhere. I do think I'll try to get in some rest today at some point.
Tags: anxiety, backpain, gardening, knitting socks, pain, panic attack
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