rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Pow Wow Great Success

So proud of my oldest daughter and her family who worked their butts off to bring the Pow Wow back to the town near where I live. Their efforts began early this spring.

It had been an annual event for many years until the man who was the driving force passed on, and with him the Pow Wow. One of my son-in-law's long time dreams was to bring the Pow Wow back to Moberly. He was one happy guy yesterday, almost cried when he realalized the huge success of the gathering. The community showed up in large numbers to learn about Native American customs, watch the inter-tribal dances, and enjoy authentic Indian fry bread (which was delicious btw). The drums were awesome, some came from as far away as California.  And vendors of all sorts plied their wares.

The link below the picture shows an interview with the head man dancer who explains how important these events are to the evolving Native American culture in this country. He has been dancing for over 50 years.

Plans are already in the works to make this an annual event once again.

Tags: community, dance, native americans, pow wow
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