rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

old dog - new tricks

Moved the pics from the camera to the laptop, smooth operation for a first time thing.

And found an app that will play the free Ziggy Marley album I received, gratefully it is easy to use.

Took a nap though I kept getting awakened.

Nikki wants the socks I'm knitting for her birthday. She was born mid-October so I might finish the second one by then. I just am not in knitting mode, and I keep putting the project aside in favor of reading.

It's starting to appear that I might miss today's round on the stationary bike.

Anah is re-watching "Parks and Rec." Now and then I glance up and catch something on the screen. I became fond of some of the characters the first time we watched it.

Perhaps I'll knit for a while, a new episode is about to begin.

It's nice to sit here with Anah.

I hope you have someone to sit with some times too.

Tags: just sitting, knitting, parks and rec
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