rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Rainy Day

Woke up to find it was raining hard, nice, it was getting dry, maybe it will give the tomatoes a boost. Just haven't felt like writing lately and have been quite busy as well.

This weekend my oldest daughter and her family are hosting a Pow Wow in the local park. Several years ago, the Pow Wow was a yearly event and then the man who was in charge passed away and with him went the Pow Wow. It was always well attended and I found it to be very interesting, loved the regalia of the dancers and that these people work so hard to keep their culture alive. I'm looking forward to some Indian fry bread this year. I'm no looking forward so much to the tasks for which I've volunteered because the rain is predicted to extend into tomorrow which is the first day of the event. But, they tell me they have a small shelter where I can sit and maybe not get drenched. Fortunately there is a large pavilion under which they can set up the dance ring and with space for some of the vendors. I do so hope that it will be a success as my daughter and her family have put a great deal of time, money, and energy into this thing.

Yesterday was my turn to be hostess to luncheon for my friends and it was enjoyable as always. I managed a kick ass Thai basil curry and carrot ginger soup. Always the most challenging part of these get togethers is the cooking. First, it's hard to come up with a menu and second because cooking is the one thing that really aggravates my back, but so far it has always come together.

The bid on Erin's house came in over what she plans to spend so tonight she is meeting with the contractor to see where they can cut corners, maybe make it smaller or other design changes to bring the price down. The appraisers still hasn't showed up to look at her current house which must be done before the closing on the 30th. But, isn't that always the way when it comes to officialdom?

Today seems like a perfect day to just sit and read. Just started Ursula K LeGuin's, "The Left Hand of Darkness." Not far enough into it to give an opinion. Definitely hard to switch from my usual British mysteries to Sci-Fi, almost have to learn a new language and then make up a way in which to pronounce all the odd words. But, I wanted to get back to this genre so I'm hanging in there so far.

Sort of in limbo right now, waiting for the kids to move in and enjoying my time alone until they do. Still not back to creative writing, maybe today?

My life is quite full of maybes :)
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