rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Outside coming inside

Started bringing in the big houseplants yesterday. Rosemary was first. I think she's doubled in size.

And next came the 41 yr old Jade, looking nice after her summer vacation.

And the night blooming scylla , which has never bloomed for me. She has grown so much I didn't think she'd fit in her usual space, but a goodly amount of twine and various supports helped contain the sprawl.

I've started shuffling succulents from pot to pot, and it's obvious that I'll be passing on many many aloe plants as there's just no where to put them, especially since we'll be moving my daughter's plants here as well.

The summer was blessed with the perfect mix of sun and rain so the houseplants are healthy and huge.

Looks like a nice day ahead so maybe some more repotting lies in my future for today.

Quite grateful for Joe's help and the little dollie. Every year we wonder how much longer he'll be able to drag them in and out. So far it's still happening.

Happy Long Weekend!

Tags: end of summer, houseplants, long weekend
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