rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Changes and rearranging

At the end of  September Erin and Anah will be moving back in with Joe and I until her new house is built. Cannot predict how long it will take. My experience in matters of construction is that it always takes longer than the contractor predicts.

They will be using the spare bedroom, where I keep most of my clothes. Yesterday we started rearranging things to open storage in my current bedroom which has a tiny closet where I keep knitting supplies, coats and off season clothes.

Today I am going through my yarn stash, putting it in plastic totes and moving my clothes to the chest where it has been living. I haven't been knitting much lately so the stash is not diminishing, but I'm not buying more so it's not growing either. I thought about getting rid of some, but somehow can't let go. After all I might get a knitting urge when it cools off.

I'm also going through my clothes again and see if I can move some of them on.

I'd really like to read and do nothing, but I've made a huge mess in both bedrooms that begs to be straightened up.

So I'm outta here and back to work.

Tags: knitting, reorganization, thebigmove, yarn
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