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As always the food rocked. Nikki's son is a chef so when we eat there we get quite excellent meals and he's staying within his mom's food restrictions of no carbs with some inventive new recipes. We had "cloud bread." Made from cream cheese and whipped egg whites, kinda of like a pancake and quite tasty.

When it was time to leave, Anah didn't want to go and got a bit snippy with me. I didn't buy into her mood, she's a teenager after all, but I didn't like her attitude. She spent a lot of time apologizing to me later, verbally on the way home and later via text. I assured her all was cool. Got a reply, "Are you sure? I don't want you coming up with something 10 yrs from now about this," I laughed and laughed and replied, "Honey, in 10 years I'll be 80, I'm pretty sure I won't remember this ever happened." Wow kids these days.

Big thunderstorm last night, over 2 inches of much needed rain and apparently a tornado warning but the phone didn't wake me, could have been blown away in my sleep.

Tired as always after our lunches. Stayed for 6 hrs, even having fun can wear me out.

Needing a real feel good day so I can get back to creative writing and some painting. As it is, I'll be reading today. 

At least I'm back to regular exercise, maybe that's why I'm extra tired...who knows?

Tags: exercise, rain, wednesday lunch
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