rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Wheelchair

As may be recalled by some, I rented a wheelchair for my recent concert experience. After viewing the pictures of festivals past I knew I couldn't walk as far as the stage. I'm good for a quarter mile but after that it hurts too much to even wiggle.

As with all things in life there were plenty of plusses and minuses in the journey.  I felt really bad that Erin and Anah had to push me. Now I'm not all that heavy,  but there was no road; we're talking your basic cow pasture. Foot traffic had mashed down the tall grass but that just hid the ever present bumps. Rough for all of us.

Got a place near the stage,  nice. The chair at this point became a mixed blessing, great place to hang the back packs, nice to be able to sit down if needed, yet I felt tied to the damn thing and though I wanted to merge with the crowd, I was responsible for the chair.

Going back to the car I used it as a walker, pushing it along quite handily.

Next year should I choose to go back to ARISE, I'll be very grateful for this entry and I won't rent a chair.

Instead I'm back to trying to establish a regular exercise routine so that I can walk myself up that hill.

Tags: arise, exercise, walking, wheelchair
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