rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Buzz Fadeth

Getting back to my not so normal norm as the buzz from being with my tribe fades away. But oh so glad I went, and remembered who I am.

Today I think is lunch at Ingrid's home. I'm never really oriented with time and being gone has altered that further. Wish she did text, but guess I'll have to call. I'd really rather take a nap. Not feeling particularly social.

The blight is under control and it's looking like I just might get a tomato pie this year. Picked eggplants too so ratatouille is on the horizon. No one else likes it.I make enough to freeze and am blessed with its tastiness into the fall.

I could put away  my laundry. Sounds like work. I'm not wanting to work.

I am most definitely tired.

Tags: gardening, ratatouille, tired, tomato blight
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