rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Rain Again

Lots of storms and hard driving rains have returned to Mid Missouri. Not complaining as it means nothing has to be watered though it will no doubt benefit the tomato blight when it reaches the mid 90's tomorrow. Fungi do so love that moist tropical feeling. If it stops, I need to go out and pick a zuchinni spotted by Joe yesterday. Good sprouting weather. The green beans in the raised bed should lift their heads when the sun appears.

Getting ready for the trip to the Rockies and some awesome music. Dragging out clothes to choose something to pack, gets chilly at night in the mountains.  I invariably pack too much.

After much consideration decided to rent a wheel chair for the festival as walking has been painful for the last week or so.  There's a lot of ground to cover and no place to sit except on the ground. Found a place in Loveland that will deliver said chair to our hotel and pick it up as well.  Talked it over with the kids since they will have to push me and we concluded that having the chair has the potential for numerous uses other than hauling my ancient ass around.

Mended my old bathing suit. Searched for a new one yesterday but had no luck. Looking forward to the hot springs and their array of minerals which include lithium. Most interested in the benefits or not of a good soak.

My mind is all wound up in this trip, it's been a long time since I have traveled very far. Years back,  give me 20 minutes and I could be ready to go a 1,000 miles. I'm much slower now, but pretty sure I can be ready by Thursday evening.

Tags: colorado, gardening, rain, wheelchair
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