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I Love the Snow

We've got about ten inches on the ground and it is beautiful out here.  First time out of the house today and went in to the hardware store to get some more copper wire for my latest bracelet.

I am grateful that we have a four wheel drive vehicle.

I am on the last leg of my withdrawal from pharmaceutical drugs... I haven't taken an anti-depressant for nearly a month and so am working on the 5ml of valium that I still am taking.  I cut my dosage in half three days ago.  I notice a edginess to my behavior and am pretty bitchy today which could be due to the dosage drop.  It is a large cut 50 percent, but my 2 cents worth is that the addiction to the little yellow pills now lies in the realm of psychological addiction and not physical which should mean I won't get as sick as I have at other times.  

Time to get back to the bracelet, the construction of which has taken over my life LOL... 

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