rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Star Trek Beyond

I loved it! I found that it held my interest, not an easy thing to do. As with most movies I see at the theaters these days,  it was loud and filled with gratuitous violence. But I just rolled with that. I find that this new set of actors who play the main crew are assuming the mantle of their roles well.

I don't mean for this to be a review. I'd never be able to compose an honest review because,  well, I just love all Star Trek, some incarnations more than others. I never really bonded with Janeway, but Jean Luc, now I could have bonded with him anytime.

I do cringe at the cost of seeing a movie in the theater. On Saturdays in the small town where I grew up, a can of food gained you admission to a dramatic western in black and white, course.  I was in love with Roy Rogers, though the Lone Ranger was extremely cool.

The previews showed a remake of Ben Hur. Morgan Freeman  appeared complete with dreadlocks. It might be worth viewing. Been many a year since I saw Charlton Heston in the title role.

I'm tired now.

May you be at peace.

Tags: ben hur, movies, star trek, star trek beyond

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