rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Rogie goes to the ER

Daughter #3 was having a lot of pain last night. She and daughter #4, (both of them are RN's), were texting last evening about her symptoms. #4 was at my house so I was getting info from her. They decided it was her ulcer. She doesn't have a gallbladder so that was easy to rule out.

By this morning #3 had suffered all night and had given herself a new diagnosis, kidney stone. Daughters, 3 and 4 call to let me know that they are headed to the ER at the University Hospital about 36 miles away. I keep getting text updates.  They did a CT scan to check her appendix.  Pancreas was a little inflamed, but all blood work and tests were ok. She's feeling much better after some IV pain meds and they were both hungry.

Diagnosis- she passed a kidney stone in the night.

Grateful that turned out okay. Whew feel like we dodged another bullet.

Tags: gratitude, kidney stone, rogie

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