rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Not the Hoe - er I used to be...

Joe and I pulled all the carrots early this morning. A very nice harvest. I've never had this many carrots before. Beta karotene for the winter.

I've been wanting to hoe the area around the beets so I valiantly entered the garden shed,  grabbed that hoe and went firth to conquer the morning glories.  All the rain has made the earth soft and yielding and has also sprouted every weed seed in the ground, I swear it's a veritable jungle out there. I rescued one pole bean. My enthusiasm and energy for hoeing diminished rapidly. Sweat stung my eyes, a bee buzzed by my ear and I was done. "Stick me with a fork" done.

Next time I'll go back to hand weeding. Hoeing and harvesting wore me out.

Slept all afternoon.

Painted a rock.

On page 179 of "The Moonstone"


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