rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Tempus Fugit

Wow long time no post. Probably because had kids and grandkids over the weekend, then came the 4th which included prep on the 3rd, and then came lunch with old lady friends on Wednesday,  and then came the storm and no power for 15 hrs, Internet still spotty.

Lots of wind with the rain, took out many trees in the nearby town, and thus many power lines. 

Boiled water on the gas grill for tea and coffee, wished I still had the camp stove.

So nice and quiet without the hum of electric things.

The weeds in the garden have exploded. I got the row of beets in pretty good shape, and harvested some of those. Looks like the carrots all need to be pulled and stored. They are ginormous, hope not woody. Also starting to split from all the rain.

I sure used to love gardening, but it has become a real challenge to keep up especially so since Joe is sidelined with a back pain. I would miss the harvest though.

A number of the offspring and their offsoring have taken off to KC  to a waterpark they have fun. I'm thinking I'll go skinny dipping in the pool, then eat, and I bet I'll be ready for a nap by then.

I'm on page 161 of The Moonstone. Having gotten over my dislike of the dated language, I am now eager for the mystery to be solved.

Tags: gardening, reading, storm

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