rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

At last - Rain

An unexpected, but most welcome, thunderstorm just passed through. I do love a mighty thunderstorm and this one did not disappoint. Crashing, banging and dropping sheets of rain onto the parched earth, it was so loud the dog was frightened and somehow managed to squeeze most of herself  under the end table.

I look forward to the sunrise and seeing the plants all washed clean and feeling better. I am grateful.

Busy weekend with no time to write. Enjoyed my granddaughter's  dance recital on Saturday evening. This is her 10th year and she's come a long way, dances now with confidence and the skill of practice.

Had kids and grownups in the pool and basking like lizards on the deck.

Maybe tomorrow it won't reach the triple digits as predicted because the humidity from the rain could make that nigh onto unbearable, but whatever comes, the rain has been a real blessing.

Tags: rain, stormy night

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