rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Hot Weather Lament

Summer is not my favorite season, especially a summer like we are experiencing now. The earth is cracked open in gaping wounds, the grass crunches underfoot and the air is almost too heavy to breathe.

I only go out in the early morning to check the garden and sometimes get in the pool. The surface moisture has not been so low since '92. Both winter and spring were dry.

The heat dries out my brain too and I have tried several times to write with little success.

I'm getting a lot of reading time in though and I love that. Grateful for the a/c you betcha.

Picking up Anah from camp today, can't wait to hear her stories.

Of course complaining about the weather is fruitless, you roll with what you get. Let year we thought we'd be washed away and this year we're being fried. I just needed to write something and the only subject that came to mind was the seemingly unending heat and drought.

When the rain comes, I'll dance in it.

Tags: drought, heatwave, summer

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