rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Greens Day

Picked  the "mother bowl" full up with kale. Went out there early as the temps are still high. The red Russian kale is outgrowing the scotch blue kale by leaps and  bounds. Chard not very doing so good so I left it to grow. There is enough lettuce for salad for this week though the heat and drought will take it out soon.

The 2 gallon crock arrived yesterday as promised. It came via USPS which was surprising as they have never delivered on Sundays before. I queried the driver who told me they only deliver for Amazon on Sundays. Amazon is definitely  successful.   We certainly contribute to its success as we give them a good percentage of our business.

Joe is outside cutting cabbages so we can start another batch of sauerkraut. I'm grateful to have a sharp knife as I don't yet own a kraut cutter, but if this trend continues may check them out.

I'm still tired and edgy today, but improving. Last week was busy and dramatic. Looking forward to more peaceful conditions this week.

Erin and Joe took Anah to camp yesterday where she will be till Friday. This is her 3rd year there and so far she has enjoyed the experience. It's located in Southern Missouri, no tv, no cell phones, many and varied species of critters that the campers care for and a zipline. Great place,

Looks like the cabbage is ready, so I shall grab my knife and start slicing,

Tags: cabbage, gardening, grow your own, sauerkraut

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