rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Project living room - complete

At least we are close to checking it off our list. Discovered that the old area rug looks pretty darn good with the new furniture so unless I find one that's unbelievably awesome it's staying, though I hope we get it shampooed.

Love the natural wood ceiling.

The new chair is a poor substitute for my old one, but understandably so since I have been sitting in the old one for 24 years and it was molded to the shape of my body. In time the new one will soften up.

The carpet is much softer - a plus.

Looking for new throw pillows though I don't really know why, they always get thrown on the floor.

Still not letting anyone eat in here. I'm sure it will happen, but I'd like to keep it crumb and grease free for a while.

New lamp and wall sconce on the way.

Found a nifty table at FFO which is sturdy, cheapest and has a built in plug in for chargers complete with USB port. A bargain. Never been in the store before and walked right to the table - serendipity.

Still tired, grateful and relieved that we are close to completion.


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