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Monday, monday...

Another Monday and it's laundry day. Now how more traditional can I get doing laundry on Monday....Hah.. probably won't get it finished till mid-week but must start somewhere.

Walked the usual three miles, but had a difficult timeof it as my toe and knee were both a bit wonky.

The day lies before me now, and I must make some choices... wash windows, vacuum, catch up on tarot readings... I shall go with the flow it always lead me in a positive way.

and I'll post another poem..

Reading poetry I was
nearly letting the cake burning
shook me cleared my trance
cooled my mind
racing endlessly in circles
moving out and then in to implode
but nearly burning the cake
prevented all that

The cake complete, consumed
by the mouths moving
always near around my mind
crossing the circles endlessly
concentric contracting expanding
till my head explodes
completing the cake
delayed all that

Must have been an interesting when I wrote that one huh?

well must be moving along... till later I remain rose
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