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I have never thought of myself as claustrophobic, but after spending Thursday and Friday with the sunroom/living room closed off by milky plastic sheeting, I think I might be. I certainly felt weird both of those days. My attitude hit below zero somewhere. Couldn't seek solace in Nature as it was raining, cold rain.

However, this morning, no workers and we took the plastic down. And, the sun is shining. I feel as if I've been let out of prison. I may have to seek other accommodations next week. Once again rain is in the forecast every day except Monday.

Things are not looking good for the annual Memorial Day bonfire. Could be a muddy mess. Could be the weather forecasters are wrong as they often are. Last year we had to cancel because of rain. I'm beginning to think I might as well be living in Washington where rainfall patterns match what we've had here the last couple of years.

More and more often I dream of life on the road again. First I suppose I should enjoy the home improvements for a little while.

Tags: bonfire, claustrophia, home improvement, it's the gypsy life for me

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