rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Waiting for Hemingway

Well darn. I rushed to the door when the UPS man knocked yesterday afternoon hoping the package contained "Papa Hemingway, a personal memoir." I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival so I can satisfy my desire to know more about his fascinating life. And undeniable talent. I also ordered "The Sun Also Rises."

I didn't like Hem when I was younger, but my old self relates in a much different way. I suppose I should be reading something lighter, but I might be falling in love with Earnest and I'm too weak to deny my desires.

I do have a copy of "A Good Year" by Peter Mayle purchased to give me a lighter take on life. Maybe I'll try it first or maybe I'll go to the library and see what they've got to offer in Hemingway novels.

From "Hemingway in Love" ... "It has been emphasized that I have sought death all my life. If you have spent your life avoiding death as cagily as possible, but on the other hand taking no back chat from her and studying her as you would a beautiful harlot who could put you to sleep forever with no problems and no necessity to work, you could be said to have studied her, but not sought her, you would possess her, and from her reputation you know that she would present you with an incurable disease. So much for the constant pursuit of death. She's just another whore."

Perhaps current life circumstances have brought Hemingway and I to the same place.

Tags: books, death, hemingway, peter mayle

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