rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Do Nothing Days

Yet another day of cold rain. Cold inside as well even with the stove on. I am uninspired to do much.  Most things in the living room and craft room are packed away in readiness fir the dealing repair making it cavernous in here. I've been reading some blogs, thinking about writing in mine, and considering a nap. I slept nearly all day yesterday. Then went out to grandkids' end of school programs.

Tai is moving out of South Park  ( yes it's really called South Park) and his sister, Jade is leaving GPS and moving up to Middle School. They are my youngest grandchildren. As is often the way with school events both ceremonies were at the same time. Erin, Anah, and I went first to see Tai. Cute program and nicely short so we were then able to get to Jade's school and see her receive her certificate. Cold wet rain last night and very hard chairs was not beneficial to my physical being so when I arrived home, I got warm and slept some more.

And I bet I could go to sleep right now. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Could be I'll read and ride the stationary bike, definitely time for me to move around. Perfect soup weather, I've got some stock simmering, smells good.

Tags: graduations, rain, sleep

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