rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Gardening again

Rested for a couple of days after making my back hurt trying to save the Missouri Primrose from some noxious grass and digging clover out of the strawberry bed. So today got out early and picked 4 gallons of spinach, replanted the chard and kale where it was spotty and put in a couple more kinds of lettuce. Forgot to take out radish seed so need to remember that at some point today so I can get it in the ground.

Going to go to grocery to get lettuce because mine isn't big enough to pick yet.

What comes next remains to be seen. There's definitely more that needs doing outside, but some I'll leave till just before the predicted rain on Wednesday, much better chance of transplants taking hold in cool rainy weather.

Kids come home from Ohio today, interested to hear what Anah has to say about her new home. Last I heard from her mom, she hated everything. Sure don't like the sound of that, but kids, teenagers in particular, can change their minds quickly. I will continue to hope for the best.

Well, best to keep busy, cuts down on thinking.

Tags: anahmove, backpain, gardening

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