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Synchronicity - NaNoWriMo - Gratitude

I am excited when I have these great moments when synchronicity stands out in my personal experiences.  After posting on NaNoWriMo, I decided to open up the three docs that contain my thus far novel :)

I accidentally opened two other docs which were filed in with the novel... Oh I guess it needs its own folder.. LAM..
and I found this which was written ...  Sunday, December 04, 2005 :  

Maude was born last year it seems and has only now come out to talk more about herself and her friend, currently known as Pixie.. 

I am grateful for Val who turned me on to NaNoWrit Mo
I am grateful for Cindi whose list "Quills of Gold" is where I posted the flower thingy in response to a prompt.
I am grateful for my parents (boy is this a new one LOL)... without whom I would never have had such a strong interest and talent for words.
I am grateful for my husband who is tolerant of my quirky nature and builds me great computers.
I am grateful for the food I going to cook today.
I am grateful for my family who will eat themselves silly and roll around the floor and moan and groan.
I am grateful for my recent emotional challenges because they open to the door to the next step.

I feel like James Brown singing "I Feel Good"

I can never remember where I snag animations and have a huge folder so just a quick ty to whoever created this one.. it is really cool!!

Oh and here's the piece I wrote last year which will be incorporated into the novel I am writing, and ta da I am now at 3,123 words...

If I were a flower why I’d be a rose…. For color I’d choose deep dark red, the kind that fades into black deep inside the petals…and I shall be called Maude.  I shall stand tall in the shunshine all  day, dressed in my deepest velvet as I wait for a carelree  lover to pluck me from my stem…. To be handed later to a fair maiden who will place me in water where I shall feel safe.  Fully ripe my  perfume wafts by in the lift of the breeze  With each whiff she remembers …  I lie in the musty pages of an old text for many years, petals flat and faded.    Then a maiden opens the book … breathes in my ancient perfume… and remembers …. My purpose is to remind those who live on this planet of LOVE…. 

OH YEAH... I rock because I am cool..

I rock cause I can cook a kick ass pie crust.

I rock because I understand the power of LOVE!!

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