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Forgot my blessings again

Having forgotten my many blessings earlier this morning and ranted on about the bathroom when I should really just be grateful that I have one, let alone a really nice one, I have once again given my attitude a decent makeover, and can move on with life. 

I read a lot of posts on my yahoo withdrawal and recovery group from folks who are still have difficulties with inappropriate and overwhelming emotions after a year of being off of antidepressants, so I should not be surprised when I overreact.  It has not even been a month,  and I feel there is still a lot of work for the body to do.

But I really came here to list some blessings...

great friends
a squirrel in the tree
wood for the stove
second chances
a sense of humor

And, did I say great friends :)

Tags: antidepressants, blessings
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