rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,


Decided this morning to look at some of my older paper journals. Though others burn theirs, I haven't done that yet and may not. It's good to remember how passionate I used to be. This aging process has dampened my Sagittarian  fire, the writing reveals a me I'd almost forgotten.

15 July 1998

Just spent 2 days with TDBIII.

Where did it begin?
The moment I sucked in the first breath
It always begins there

Craziness of 97's summer
Exploded in 98's spring
Exponentially increased to
Fever pitch

He lies at the white hot center
Demon and Angel
Strong etched features
Smoothed by the hand of sleep

Pain does not find him now
Sleep really does erase care
His lip lifts in a slight twist
That presupposes the humor of the man.

Tags: 1998, memories, poetry, romantic drivel, romantic fantasy
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