rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Random Thoughs

I finished reading "The Dog Stars". I miss them already the bright broken characters. I want to be back there with them as they discover each other and their role in this "new world."

I need to be knitting on the dishcloth I'm making for Ingrid. I host lunch on Wednesday next and it's a tradition to bring a gift for the others, if you're in the mood, if you have something or if you're inspired. I, often am not, but when I am the hostess I usually give the girls something. I'm weary of making things that no one needs or can use, so dishcloths it is. They are turning out well, done with the appropriate Zodiac sign in the center.

If I'm going to knit, I'll probably want to watch something on the tube, a movie. Maybe a romance. I've been a bit dreamy and emotional lately, must be the spring energy. Everything's out there breeding, budding, giving birth...powerful vibes."

Until I read "The Dog Stars," I thought I was long past the need to be held, to be kissed. *le sigh*

I'm really glad I don't have to cook today. While I do have beef stew in the fridge, I'd like to cadge some of Lemon Orzo Soup my daughter made. She let it slip that she had a lot.

The sun is shining, it would be nice to get outside for a bit, that depends on the wind which has been needlessly vicious and bitter cold of late.

I do hope that each of us finds something surprisingly pleasant along our journey today...
Tags: kisses, life is a journey, sunshine, the dog stars, thoughts

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