rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

first love...

Really? Last time it was punk rocker and this time I get first love? No poignant stories of a first love are indelibly etched in my brain. Married at 16, I suppose husband #1 could technically be my first love, but in retrospect I don't think it was love at all,but much more practical. He didn't want to go to Viet Nam and I wanted to escape from the icy ruins of my parent's home and their unsuccessful attempt at marriage.

There were lovers farther down the line who if they had been numero uno would qualify as first love quality relationships, but they weren't first.

I feel sort of sad that I can't churn out a fantasy first love story, one filled with sighs and lingering kisses, but alas all the romance that it would require to describe first love long ago drained out of my heart a long time ago.

Tags: 365 writing prompts

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