rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Garden Report

The sun appeared first a few minutes and I went out to check the progress or not in the gardens. First stop as to give my opinion on positioning the stepping stones hubs had made from tile leftover kitchen floor tile. Turned out well and fit just right in the space from whence we moved the prickly pear cactus.

Lots of greens coming up in the tall raised bed, purple mustard, chard, and kale. Not much lettuce, may have to replant.

Saw quite a few big stalks of asparagus poking their pointed heads above the soil, will be ready to pick in a couple of days unless we have another freeze, in which case they will lie dead and shrunken like several that have gone before them.

Strawberries have buds.

Peach tree is in bloom.

Buds are big on the apple trees.

Peas are very thick, but look healthy, making a comeback from being nibbled on by deer. Electric fence now on, deer back in the woods.

Sun went behind the clouds and the wind kicked up. I got cold and went inside.

Hope the sun comes back out, could use some healing rays.

Tags: garden

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