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I treasure silence.  Not for me the constant babble of TV or radio though at times I do enjoy music. I thought I'd have more to say on this one so will come back and add more later.


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Mar. 24th, 2016 05:40 am (UTC)
Not sure if I should mention this so, if ill-advised, please forgive. But this entry immediately reminded me of my own 2011 LJ piece called "Necessary Things." It begins with,

"The living room floor is nearly cleared of its habitual clutter. The futon has finally been folded away and the TV no longer blares the incessant re-runs of Sponge- Bob and ICarly. Finally, after almost nine years, my life, my house, my time are once again my own."

It's about one of the times when my son took our grandson from our home, to live with one of his girlfriends, and it ends with,

"But as the car pulls away, and I wave at the opaque windows, unable to see if anyone is waving back, I feel the sudden tightness that I’d remembered in my chest. And, as I turn to go inside, I find I cannot breathe and cannot close the door."

That was five years ago, the son and grandson are back with us, and the constant noise of the TV are the least of what we've endured to have it so. But still, we soldier on and I knew that you would understand...

Mar. 24th, 2016 10:46 am (UTC)

Oh man, do I understand. I understand oh too well. We've moved on from Sponge Bob to Gilmore Girls each day after school. Daughter and granddaughter lived with us till Anah was 5, 8 yrs ago. I didn't think I'd survive that first move and they are only 5 minutes away and still here nearly every day, providing the very fiber that constructs my life. I fear I am too old to build a life without them, there's too much time to fill. Woke up at 3 weepy again, still sickly which is making it all worse. I appreciate the empathy on so many levels and I am in awe of your lyrical prose. Forward into the breech I go......

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