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This respiratory bug I'm wrestling with is a tough one. While I have a lot of pain and mobility issues, I rarely "catch" an actual dis-ease from the family. Alas, this time I succumbed. No doubt being worn out from the kitchen remodel didn't do me any favors.  All day I felt crappy. Joe is still ailing too so we blitzed the last two seasons of Prime Suspect which took up a nice space of time. We watch a lot of British police procedural series and often one episode is an hour and a half long so I fall asleep right at the end. Today I  didn't nod out till the end of the last episode.

I am enjoying the new kitchen, all done now except for the installation of the pellet stove.

Got a little weepy about Anah moving to Ohio. I expect there will be MORE tears. I find myself being really angry at my daughter's fiancée in regards to the move. I am well aware that going there is her decision but somehow my mind wants to direct anger on this man. Not healthy, not right, and hurting no one but me. Read a great piece by Jack Korn field on forgiveness and feel drawn to explore some more of the aspects of forgiveness within Buddhism.  I think I'll begin now...

Tags: anahmove, buddhism, forgiveness, sick

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