rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Getting behind on the word prompt thingy...

I started out with a list of excuses for why I'm behind, then erased that sentence. I'll just go with one. I feel crappy. And I just found out that my youngest daughter and her daughter are moving away in July. This is a great opportunity for them to expand their world but I'm sure going to miss them. We are very close. So, my mind is muddled both by viral invasion and deep emotion, thus, no creative writing.

My anal nature rears it's ugly head and I am pulled to playing catch up and that's a lot better than sitting here thinking sad thoughts. Distraction can be a great tool so off I go.


My next door neighbor had a rooster. I never saw him, but I heard his crow echoing around the neighborhood. I had a friend who lived about a mile away via road, probably only half a mile as the crow flies. She would text me with a cockadoodledo and swore she could hear him. He's been silent for a time, perhaps he went into the stew pot.

essence...the lifeblood of a thing of an idea, a substance, obviously today I am not connecting with the word essence, basically it boils down to that.

A collection...

Once a collector of much stuff including but not limited to, small boxes, frogs, dragons, vintage clothing, vintage bowls, arrowheads, Tarot decks and miniature shoes, while I now still have the cards, the bowls and the tiny shoes, I no longer add to these collections.

So, now I'm caught up and I'm going to go soak in a hot bath. I may go to see some baby goats later if I'm feeling well enough.

Happy weekend...

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