March 31st, 2021


Reading Today

Came to check up on my friends at LJ. I am always more content to discover what you are doing.

Good feelings for me to know that egg_shell is still hiking and making art and mallorys_camera is doing the Tax Bwana thing and some interesting art as well plus susandennis and Biggie are still hanging in there. amethyst_witch remains cute, sweet, and clever.

Lots of other familiar faces and additions to their stories. I try to come at least once a week and just read. LJ is a peaceful community as a rule, a place to chill, catch up on community news and write a bit.

I'm almost finished with the dreaded steroids. Both eyes are fixed. Will know more after appointment next week. I can read without glasses. Still have some interesting visual distortions. And truly, I don't want to hear about Aunty Fanny who had her cataracts fixed at 90 and got through it like a breeze. I found the experience challenging both physically and emotionally. Glad to be on the other side of it.

The greens have been planted and are sprouting well. Spinach needs to be thinned but need a rain. Most likely Joe will have to hook up the pump this weekend and give the sprouts a drink.

The grass is amazingly green and daffodils bloomed well this year. The hyacinths have also put on a good show.

I am walking most days around the yard, checking on the plants, breathing in Spring, and feeling better. Having spent most of 2020 sitting on my ass reading books, I am finding my mobility more impaired than usual so back to the mat and drag out the walking stick.

Temps expected to drop into the high 20's tonight. Will be covering the baby plants and hoping for the best. I bet it will take out the daffodils. So it goes, gotta roll with Nature's choices.

That's it from Shady Grove Farm. We remain well and most often at home.