January 22nd, 2021


Does He Only See Me as an Eye?

Had cataract surgery on my right tea. As usual my mind was wandering and wondering which brings me to to topic of this piece. Does my ophthamologist see me only as an eye? I'd like to think not. Though I've probably mentioned it before, I have glaucoma and very narrow angles in my eyes. My last exam revealed it was time to get some new lenses. Thus that's what I did on Wednesday.

Wore my Bob Marley mask to the hospital and had a great conversation with the anesthesiologist who is also a fan. Very interesting to me as the doctor is mostly likely hails from the Indiana Sub-Continent. Great experience!

One daughter took me and delivered me back home. One spent the night to watch over me. She kept me fed. Put clean fragrant sheets on my bed and, as always, was a comfort.

Joe propped up the head of my bed. I need to be at a 30 degree angle for a week. Much better than the first night when I slept in the recliner.

I feel inordinately tired still and reasonably uniterested in anything. But, oh yeah, I was that way before the surgery. Had to return to doctor yesterday morning who gave me the stamp of approval and we are working on scheduling the other eye.

Vision in right eye is now 20/25 without glasses. I might be able to pitch the glasses for distance and get some of cute readers for fun.

They've got me on steroids which make even more of a looney tune than ususal, but I keep reminding myself that it is the medication. So far, not a bad experience. I approached it with an attitude of curiosity and that worked out well. I met some amazing people who were all kind and efficient. I love my surgeon, he is young, funny, quite good at his job and very very calm. Great at answering questions too.

I did begin a book today, another Jo Nesbo. Life has been a bit fucked up this week. But, I did get to see that ghastly man and the Barbie doll vacate the White House.

Hope you all are doing well.