January 31st, 2020


Temperature's Rising

I am so excited. Temperatures for Sunday predicted to be near 60F. That should bloody well get rid of all the ice and snow. I have definitely been in the house too long, nearly two weeks, punctuated only by trips to fill the bird feeder.

More excitement in that today is the day I am going to mash the month of January on 1SE. Fingers crossed that it works.

I ended the egg apron project. There was no joy in it for me. I am really too old to waste time on things I find frustrating. I did order a sewn one for her. I think it will work better than the crochet which, I think, would eventually sag. It was such a relief to be done with all of that.

Yesterday I had a toothache. Thought about the dentist, but decided to try my own home remedies first and am much much better today. I've always had "good" teeth, no cavities ever, and so when one of them gets tetchy, I am very aware of it.

The last three writing prompts for January:

29. Do you like to be alone or with company? That is too black and white a concept for me to consider. Depends on the company as well as my mood. I don't mind being alone and, in fact, do tend to enjoy it. I only interact socially with my family and I generally enjoy their company, but even that is best in small doses.

30. What is your dream vacation? Jamiaca? Preferably Feb 6, 2020, for Bob Marley's 75th birthday celebration.

31. Things you are looking forward to in the next month: longer days, less snow...pleasant surprises, good health... LOVE. As you can see I have no plans for February, though someone did mention the Elms.. hmmm