January 25th, 2020


Blanketed and Bunkered-By Golly It's Winter


Yesterday, it snowed about 6 inches. I am up before daylight, but the dog went out and turned on the motion sensor lights on the deck. So, at 4 a.m. I am running amuck taking pictures.20200124_075931.jpg
The sun did not come out yesterday, it snowed most of the day. Rather enjoyable since I only had to get out to fill one bird feeder and the white stuff was melting under the eaves. Temps weren't bad, right at the freezing mark. Oh, I do love winter!

I've been drawing a bit. A self portrait from yesterday done from a photo. I wasn't really as grumpy as I made myself appear:

A random face:

Kids only had school one day last week, all the others were "snow days." I don't know what they do up at their house, nor do I want to. LOL Their mother works full time now. But, I jest, my grandchildren are amazingly well behaved, if you don't count tidiness.

I know there must be writing prompts. My OCD drives me to complete them:

23. Who are most like in your family. This question would be better answered by them. They would all have different answers. Daughter no. 3 and I most closely resemble each other physically. I think I am just like me.

24. Do you ever feel sad about people you have lost touch with who were once important to you? Certainly. Sometimes I feel angry too. But, mostly it is not something I get overly nostalgic about. What possible good could that produce?

25. What was the last text you received? It was a snapchat because my kids use that most: Can I come down there?

I continue to faithfully perform Qigong every day. Coming up on 3 weeks. I intend to make this a habit. I do, I do, I really really do.

I have completed all three of the pockets for the egg apron. YES!!

I have cooked a couple of times. Being encased in snow makes me hungry. I made butternut squash soup, very comforting. Tomorrow is roasted rack of lamb which Erin is cooking. YES!

The husband is putting together his second jigsaw puzzle of the winter. Long time winter hobby of the whole family.

I talked to my friend who is recovering from chemo; and she is becoming more and more her old self. We laughed at some incredible memories and gloried in being where we were, doing what we did in that other lifetime. At the risk of being trite, the 60' et 70's truly was a great time to be young. "Magic is alive... magic is afoot"... Leonard Cohen

Well enough of that walk down memory lane. I think I will see if something calls to me. If not I'll read, almost at the end of yet another mystery and the lead up to end (there's probably a word for that) is something I enjoy.