January 16th, 2020


I Have a Cute Cat Too + Trivial Pursuits

I think Harold is exceptionally cute in this pic. And, since I don't often feel that way, I thought I'd save the moment here.

Yesterday was spent recovering from the trip to the city. Way too much stimulation for this old lady, who spends her time in solitude and quiet surroundings. So, I basically fucked off. Watched some of the new season of Grace and Frankie. Since this will be the last season I didn't binge on it, but strung it out. Also worked on getting caught up on "Vikings", nothing like some brutal sex and violence to spice up the day.

I am glad that I finally bought myself a yarn basket for the living room. At the moment it is filled with books plus the cat toy. The baskets are Fair Trade, made in Africa and there is a leather tag inside with information about the artist. I have wanted one of these for any years and only when we were in a store in the city did I realize that I could actually have one. I simply cannot move past all the years I had to live so frugally it seems. But, I do love the basket, so I am making progress.

I was at last rewarded by making the right number of double crochets for the beginning of the egg apron. How easily skills slip away when we do not practice them.

Today I am somewhat more energized and plan to attack the task of organizing the closet in the husband's office. There are still toys in there that belonged to our youngest who is now 41 plus enough yarn to supply 3 knitters for a considerable amount of time. Who knows what I'll find?

And now for the exciting part of this entry - writing prompts:

15. How comfortable are you meeting new people? Another less than straightforward query. So much depends on environment, circumstances and my own state of mind. Generally, I have not difficulty in meeting new people. I am no longer shy and turn on my extrovert side if I don't have to do it for too long. Of course, since I rarely leave home, the actuality of this happening is slim, so it is not very relevant in my life.

16. Are you a frequent user of Facebook? Define frequent. Yes, I do check it at least once a day to see if any of my children have posted new pics and to check on relatives to live at a distance. Do I hang out there, have chats, post much. NO. I prefer Instagram, but really LJ is my favorite social networking site.

Oh good, I'm caught up again. I do like that the writing prompts keep me posting on a more regular basis. Though why that matters, I have no idea.