November 2nd, 2019


Reading Tarot

Having a reunion with the cards of late.

Looks like a fun day ahead if the King of Swords can cut through the mist and uncertainty of the Moon. A good day to have fun via the energy of the deuce of Pentacles.

A perfect day to do more shingling on my cardboard house project.

It is sunny out though chilly but more inviting than Wednesday when we had a couple of inches of snow.

I finally finished the 700+ page mystery. Seemed like it took forever. Switching to a Kate Atkinson novel. "One Good Turn."  I see it is unlikely that I will make my goal of 52 books on goodreads. Meh- I am not good with goals

Enjoyed this sign on a recent drive looking at autumn leaves.

If it being the weekend makes a difference to you, I hope yours is great.