August 22nd, 2019


Grandson Came Home

Earlier this month my grandson,Dylan, who lives in Austin, came for a five-day visit. We hadn't seen him in three years so it was a much anticipated reunion. He brought along his partner and we finally got to meet her, an adorable, intelligent young woman.

We packed a lot into those five days. Erin hosted a family get together one evening and Dylan was eager to cook for us and demonstrate his chef skills. He's been in the restaurant business for quite a few years now and his expertise has definitely increased.

A couple of evenings were spent at his mom's house where we ate and talked and generally reminisced.

On the Thursday, we went to Columbia for a Jerry Garcia birthday bash. We met up with my great-nephew who is Dylan's age and was a playmate in childhood. Watching them interact was more fun than the music. Two wild and crazy guys.

I spent one morning with his girl, Allie and enjoyed learning about her job as a nanny and her studies of Mandarin Chinese. I hope he hangs onto this one as the previous one I didn't care for. They are in their third year so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Allie was quite excited to visit the local Amish community, being Austin born and bred, she had never seen them, so the husband took them for a tour. They came back loaded with jams, breads and various other homemade goodies.

And, then on Saturday Erin took them to St. Louis to catch a train back home. They had flown up here, but opted for the train ride back to see the country. Though they did see some scenery, mostly the reports were the train ride was boring.

It was sweet nostalgic time for me. As a small child Dylan spent much of his time with me and it was good to have him home. He seems to have matured a great deal, but I'm glad that I can still see the little boy's mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Hope it won't be so long till they come visit again.


Birthday for Daughter #2

53 years ago my second daughter was born. Weighing in at 9 lbs -6 oz, but only 20 in long, she was a chubby baby; the only one of my girls to be born with a full head of dark hair.

Today she is my rock, the one I call when I need to be steadied or to share some joy. She is a success in her business and personal life and a great mom herself. I got lucky with this one.