April 12th, 2019


Humpty Dumpty

A couple of days ago when it was still nice and warm outside, I decided to cut down some wild honeysuckle sprouts from the embankment in front of the house. Armed with clippers I set forth and whacked down a number of the smaller ones and turned to return to the house. OOPS...not sure how or why but I ended up face down in the gravel road. BIG OUCH!

Laid there for a moment and decided I was capable of getting up and stumbled back into the house to survey the damage. Day 1 the worst thing was my face. Ewww...

Next day the shoulder that took the impact kicked in and hurt some.

Today I am much better unless I try to do something requiring the use of my right arm. Then, I see I'm not quite healed yet. But very grateful nothing was broken, a lot of road rash, a thorn in my finger, and some poison ivy: cracked but not shattered.

I really do need to find some gardening shoes that are more flexible. I am blaming my tumble on my old orange garden clogs that make me even more clumsy than I usually am.

At least it has gotten chilly outside and I'm not sitting in here feeling bad because I want to be out there working.

I do want to note that I am now cutting asparagus, ate the first shoots for breakfast this morning.