February 28th, 2019


Not a Fiction Writer

Though I do often wish I loved writing fiction, I have never really gotten deeply into it. Give me a heavy research paper and I can get excited, but I'd rather read someone else's fiction.

I do have brief glimpses of cool plot ideas, but they drift out my head before I can do anything with them.

Posting the book covers has me thinking of writing, writers, books, stories, and I've quite enjoyed the process. I know there is a group out there for posting covers, but I am not savvy enough to find it. I might join and do some more covers as I think of more books I've loved.

Got my hair trimmed. I can't believe I paid as much money as I did for the tiny bit of attention and work my hair needed. HO hum... I may go back to just letting it go. Getting so thin, I think wigs might be great, but probably itchy. Waiting for it to grow out long enough to put up suitably; and hope that happens before intense gardening. I do loathe my hair in my eyes when I am working. But, my hair guy did tell me that I have "good hair" which was a boost. A lover once told me I was vain and I now see that he was probably right as I am not dealing easily with wrinkles, think hair and the other physical changes of aging.

Also went to the chiropractor who said I was in good shape, just tight. Need to stretch more I guess. I appreciate the "good shape" comment. I prefer that to the alternative. And encouragement is great. I appreciate the years of yoga I've practiced.

Anah is coming down to use my craft paints for a school project so that should be interesting.

I didn't cook. Made this fabulous white chili last night and some of my awesome cornbread. Tasted really good, but my body went into reject mode. the day before I had made lentil soup, perhaps too many legumes in a short period of time. Thus, today I wasn't particular hungry so didn't make anything new. Both bean dishes are available if anyone shows up hungry. I had considered baked mac and cheese as we haven't had it probably a year, but after all the running around town am just wanting to sit on my butt and finish the Ann Cleeves book.