February 20th, 2019


I Might Want a Hot Tub Outside

Being recently arrived home from The Elms where they have a most wonderful hot tub, I am thinking I might want one for me. I saved for a couple of years because I wanted to do a shower remodel, but the shower is in the husband's bathroom and he nixed that idea. Thus, I have a surplus of funds at my disposal. A hot tub sounds like so much more fun than putting metal siding on this old house.

I also have a place. Currently the area located directly in front of the north side of the house is filled by a giant cedar tree minus it's top, lost to an ice storm years ago. There is a small existing deck in front of my bathroom window (also on the north side of the house) to which another deck could be attached. No one ever looks out that way so it won't matter if I want to build a sort of pergola type shelter over the tub.

The water meter is quite close though I don't know if one can connect directly to it. Yet, there is water available via the bathroom.

I would feel bad about cutting down that cedar tree. I am viscerally attached to every tree on this property and there are lot of em. I'd be glad to see the scrub brush gone.

If I have a large enough deck area there wouldn't be much landscaping. My mind is constantly running on about maintenance issues. There is already a lot of take care of out here. I shall have to research hot tub maintenance. I definitely want a salt filter, always regretted that we didn't do that for the pool.

One positive note, there are virtually no building regulations in this county and though I sometimes wish there were some because of the very trashy places littered with junk cars and dismantled trailers, when it comes to doing something I want, it is nice not to have those regs.

The entire front yard is surrounded by a privacy fence and also shielded from dust and noise, so no one should be able to see us in there. I still go skinny dipping in the pool, but it is out back. ;-p On a dark and cloudy night I probably would do so in the hot tub as well.

My conscience niggles me about cutting down the tree, about buying lumber and a hot tub which is no doubt made of plastic. My "just say fuck it" voice says why not, you deserve it.

After all I do have a garden tub with jets in my bathroom, though it is nearly 20 years old, it is still fully functional and in decent condition. It is the lure of being outside, sitting in the hot water and catching snowflakes on my tongue that stimulates this dreaming. Dreams of being surrounded by steam and being able to look up at the sky.

At any rate, it is quite nice to have a dream about doing something here on the farm. I had to leave to remember how much I love it here and the more wonderful things I build that make me feel good, the less likely I am to want to wander, because truly, I may not travel far again.

Unless, of course, I get a wild notion to fulfill my desire to go to Jamaica. I believe that might be worth being in bed for a week after I get home.