February 19th, 2019


Testing, testing

Just a test to see if I can start posting again. Apparently the long hard winter has sucked all my energy. More snow tonight.

Returned yesterday from The Elms, formerly a favorite destination, but sadly the hotel is not being well kept up, but the prices remain steep. In addition, went with daughters 2 and 4 and their teens. Even though we had a suite there was no place to to hide quietly to read, the lobby was littered with other folks drawn to the special holiday events. I did enjoy a rousing game of Scattegories and the food which thankfully my wonky digestive system tolerated till the last morning.

The ride home was a disaster. My daughters seem to be gleeful to spend more than half the time castigating me for all my faults and I spent a lot of time crying. "You've changed!" they lamented. I'm thinking hell yes. I've changed. I am almost 73. My body and my mind have slowed considerably. They seem unable to accept that. I am also not happy enough to suit them. Let's face it, I wasn't even a happy child, don't think that is going to change either. We may never travel together again. I can accept staying home. I like it here. Youngest daughter has decided she needs therapy. I say "go for it", it might benefit us all.

So, I am pleased to be home. The husband had everything in order. I've got several meals planned and he went to the grocery for the necessary makings.

I'm all set to sit in my chair and read or knit and just be old until spring when the outside will call me and I will respond.