February 5th, 2019


Less Screen Time

Spending less time online these days and my postings have totally dwindled. Not much to write about at any rate, many gloomy gray days. The snow has melted and is being replaced tonight by ice.

We had a few days of extraordinary warmth. Went to see oldest daughter's log cabin and check on the progress there. She and her husband have done quite a lot, the rooms all have walls and the ceiling is up and stained, electricity box installed. Hopefully they will be in by late spring. For the last two years they have lived in fifth wheel, which is quite small. I am certain I would have killed my husband if we were together in such a tiny area, but she and hers seem to get along so nicely. I am quite happy for her.

Mostly, I've been reading, some not so great mysteries and one cute children's book on EFT. I'm nearly finished with the lace socks but have drifted away from them and started a sketch last night. Small wonder they aren't finished. I have the attention span of a gnat of late.

I might be getting cabin fever, having for the most part been here in the house for the last month or so. Surely I can hang on till the middle of February when we have reservations at The Elms.