December 22nd, 2018



Been up since 5 and grateful to have slept that long. The sunrise is lovely, but hard to get a picture because of the trees and besides it is terribly frosty out.

Planning on making the rum cake today. Of course that was yesterday's plan too. Holding off on the caramel corn knowing I will eat too much of it.

Received a beautiful gift from my housekeeper. She is a very kind person which balances out her sometimes lack of reaching my standard if housecleaning.

Haircut day turned out to be a big social day. An old friend came to visit in the morning which was enjoyable. At the salon I met a man who had been to the original Woodstock, unusual and most entertaining plus met and talked with an interesting woman of similar age. And, the new stylist was young and fun; first man I've had do my hair in ever so long, gave the best head massage ever. If I could meet folks like this more often, I might start leaving the farm now and again.

The eye doc visit showed my pressures were good but my narrow angles are not. So, January 8 finds me going for laser surgery to open them up to prevent closure and loss of vision. A bit more intense than my earlier laser work, words like pain, blood and cloudy vision were in the conversation, I am most hopeful for success and the numbers are in my favor-75% positive results.

Spending the weekend waiting for Christmas which seems slow in arriving. Erin says we started too early.

Reading a new author, Robert Goolrick whose book, "A Reliable Wife" relies too heavily on sex scenes for my taste. I am reminded of something an friend once said, "As far as I'm concerned, it is not a spectator sport." Yet, the thread of romance, the overlay of sorrow and the historical frame have kept me going.

Watched "Solaris" if for no other reason than to ogle George Clooney and feed my need for romance. It had been some time since I last saw it, still enjoyable.

And one more dishcloth to finish.